Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Stieg Larsson Rule

I am on vacation at a posh resort in the Caribbean, courtesy of my sweetie. She works nights so we are down here to replenish her body's supply of vitamin D. I think this resort has a policy that all guests may only read Stieg Larsson books beside the pool or on the beach. Everyone has a copy of his books. I didn't think there were this many people left who had not read these books. I brought some Henning Mankell novels and so far they have allowed me to keep them. I guess it's because Mankell is a Swede, too. Kindles are very nice for indoor reading. But not so good during tropical downpours. I'm glad I brought paperbacks along with the Kindle as we spent half the day huddled under a beach umbrella reading in the rain. Also, Cuban cigars really hurt your throat. And everyone here is drunk. Except me, of course.